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Beware of part worn tyres

Micks Tyres takes tyre safety very seriously and if you're thinking about buying part worn tyres we urge you to think again and heres why...

Part worn tyres are just that - Partially worn! All part worn tyres have been taken off someone else's vehicle as they deemed them UNSAFE or do not have enough tread to keep their vehcile on the road. I'm sure if given the choice you wouldn't buy childs car seat knowing it may have a SAFETY ISSUE - So why would you put your family in a car with part worn tyres? 

Tests have shown that 98% of part worn tyres are sold ILLEGALLY and over a third of them have been proven to have potentially DANGEROUS forms of damage. These tyres are putting the people of Mansfield at serious risk, and not just to the drivers of the vehicle.

If you're thinking about buying part worns to purely save money. Its not worth it as the tread on part worn tyres will cost around £6.33 per mm of tread, whereas new tyres cost about £5.32 per mm of tread. So not only are you putting yourself and others at risk of injury, you also arent NOT SAVING MONEY over the life of the tyres. Our new tyres are cheap enough so please have a look through our online prices and hopefully we can keep our roads safer.






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